Nikki Sexx from Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife: Nikki Sexx

Today’s horny housewife is Nikki Sexx… yes, I know, probably not her real name, but when you’re appearing on a website like Please Bang My Wife you really don’t want to give away your whole life story. I mean, she doesn’t want her friends and relatives googling around and getting this hardcore surprise does she?!? But anyway, that’s not the point, the point is that she is getting bored with her husband and his big black cock and she just wants to live out a fantasy for a day. A fantasy that many wives have but never talk about… and that is to get fucked hardcore by a stranger while her husband watches!
I would love to have seen the look on his face when she brought up the subject… would he just lose it on the spot? Or would he jump up and down at the chance of seeing Nikki getting her pussy slammed by a professional pornstar? Who knows. But what we do know is that she fuckin’ loved the experience, and she got to taste white cock again one last time before going back to her husband.

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