Nikki Sexx from Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife: Nikki Sexx

Today’s horny housewife is Nikki Sexx… yes, I know, probably not her real name, but when you’re appearing on a website like Please Bang My Wife you really don’t want to give away your whole life story. I mean, she doesn’t want her friends and relatives googling around and getting this hardcore surprise does she?!? But anyway, that’s not the point, the point is that she is getting bored with her husband and his big black cock and she just wants to live out a fantasy for a day. A fantasy that many wives have but never talk about… and that is to get fucked hardcore by a stranger while her husband watches!
I would love to have seen the look on his face when she brought up the subject… would he just lose it on the spot? Or would he jump up and down at the chance of seeing Nikki getting her pussy slammed by a professional pornstar? Who knows. But what we do know is that she fuckin’ loved the experience, and she got to taste white cock again one last time before going back to her husband.

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Brittnia Lane episode

Please Bang My Wife: Brittnia Lane

If you have ever had a craving to go out and get a little extra piece of ass on the side, even if you didn’t go through with it, then you will definitely understand how Brittnia Lane was feeling when she begged her husband to let her fuck another man. This couple has been together for about 10 years and Brittnia has never been with anyone other than her husband… so it has always been her fantasy to get a good long hardcore fucking from a stranger while her husband watches.
And you know how it goes, the guys from Please Bang My Wife are experts in fulfilling this kind of naughty sexual fantasy and they welcomed the couple in to their studio. Such a nice and charitable organization aren’t they? They didn’t even charge her for the meat pole she was about to receive! So if your wife is ever in need of a fresh cock to play with for the day, or you just want to see her getting fucked senseless by a stranger, then you know who to call.

Free vids with Persia Pele

Please Bang My Wife: Persia Pele

It’s time to watch another horny housewife get what she has always wanted… a new cock to play with for the day! And the guys from Please Bang My Wife are all too happy to help her out with her insatiable appetite for big dicks and hardcore pussy pounding. You might think her husband would be just a little bit angry with her, but no… he is cool with it, and he gets to sit there and watch as a stranger slams his dick in to his wife’s wet pussy until she is moaning in ecstasy.
So lets see… why would someone let another man fuck their wife like this? Is there something wrong with Persia Pele that we’re just not seeing here? Maybe she is a real bitch, or more likely this couple just gets off on the whole swinging lifestyle. I have to say, she is smokin’ hot and has a great set of tits, and even better blowjob skills, so I guess it would only be fair to share her around!

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Please Bang My Wife – Adriana episode

Adriana - Please Bang My Wife

The people from Please Bang My Wife are all about caring and sharing… so it’s no surprise they made a whole website dedicated to their love of other people’s wives. Some may disagree with what they do, some may think it is wrong, some may think they are going to hell… but holy shit they are going to have fun on the way down there! And is it really so wrong if the husband agrees with it and shares his wife willingly with these horny fuckers?!?
Of course the wife, Adriana, gets her end of the deal too… a good hard fucking from a professional, and as they say variety is the spice of life! So it’s a good deal all around. The husband gets to watch his wife getting slammed with cock and he fucking loves it. Some guys go for the good girls, and some guys go for the naughty girls… and I think you can guess which one this guy likes. But I don’t know, personally I might get a bit jealous sharing such a hot piece of ass like her.

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